Votem® Welcomes Dr. Emin Gün Sirer to Board of Advisors

Votem Corp has announced the addition of Dr. Emin Gün Sirer to their Technical Board of Advisors. Dr. Sirer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University and Co-Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts (IC3) who brings years of experience in Blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies.

As a member of Votem’s Board of Advisors, Dr. Sirer is joining a team of e-voting, elections and security experts and actively contributing to the technical and architectural design and review of the Company’s VAST Tokens and distributed voting protocol, both pre and post token sale.

Dr. Sirer’s work stretches far past Ithaca and includes peer-to-peer systems, operating systems, virtual machines and ad-hoc networks along with leadership roles at the most influential conferences in the tech space. Most notably, Dr. Sirer was instrumental in discovering a flaw in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) software code and helped mitigate a massive heist of Ether. Dr. Sirer is one of the most well-respected voices speaking on blockchain and cryptocurrencies with almost 34,000 Twitter followers and a loyal audience on his blog.

Votem® is a blockchain-based mobile voting platform enabling citizens around the world to easily vote online with a level of verifiability, accessibility, security and transparency that doesn’t exist today. Founded in 2014 by CEO, Pete Martin, Votem is on a full out offensive in order to change the way we vote and believes that mobile voting will create positive change in the world by bringing modern voting to the world. Votem has run nine elections for both private and public clients. Votem has received praise and accolades from various institutions including the Cleveland Technology Awards and OHTech Best of Tech Awards.

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