Secure Online Voting System for Government Elections

The mobile voting revolution is long overdue

Government elections are held in almost every country and municipality in the world, and at great scale as well. Domestically, there are more than half a million elected officials with more than 90,000 elected bodies – yet the technology that supports them is woefully archaic, inefficient and inconvenient.

For decades, governments have been attempting to bring their voting systems into the modern era – with little success. They’ve struggled to integrate online and/or mobile technology into the voting process because the critical innovations necessary to develop a system that was just as accurate as it was secure, were lacking.

Addressing this worldwide need, Votem developed an innovative Mobile Voting Platform (MVP)® that combines the best mobile technology with a private distributed ledger technology (known as Blockchain), which will revolutionize the voting process.

100% accuracy, security and real-time results

Votem has sourced the world’s most brilliant minds and state-of-the-art encryption technology to build the most secure end-to-end online voting system that meets even the strictest global election standards.

Creating a superior voter experience, citizens can now register and vote instantly through their mobile phone or secure web browser.

Votes are verified and counted in real-time – increasing the efficiency of election organizers – and the entire online blockchain voting process can be audited at any point, removing risks of fraud, tampering or controversy.

Votem’s online blockchain voting system has been designed to:

  • Decrease costs for election bodies.
  • Improve security and accuracy of votes and overall integrity of the electoral process.
  • Increase accessibility for all voters – especially remote voters traveling or studying abroad, military personnel in inaccessible combat zones or aboard ships, the elderly and those with accessibility considerations.


Online Voter Registration

With Votem, secure online registration is easier than ever for voters and election organizers.

Absentee / Remote Voting

Whether you’re 10 or 10,000 miles away, Votem is the fastest and safest way to cast your vote.

Military / Overseas Voting

Voting is now more accessible to millions of citizens traveling, studying, or serving overseas.

Secure Online Blockchain Voting

Learn why Votem is the world’s most trusted and secure online voting system.

Vote for the future with Votem.

Bring your next government election into the electronic age. 

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