Our support for hybrid print elections

Online Voting. Phone Voting. Paper Ballots.

You've got options

Sometimes you want to offer your voters a choice! Many consumers have become accustomed to choosing the method for which they want to interact with their favorite brands. Voting should be no different.

Votem’s CastIron online voting platform gives you the ability to offer various secure channels for voting integrated into one single platform. For instance, a voter cannot vote through the phone voting channel then try to vote online. Through the integration of the various channels, you can rest assured that only the votes in your election rules will count. We’ve created our voter-facing channels to deliver a consistent voting experience but customized for the relevant channel. In other words, a voter will hear the same instructions through the phone voting as the online voting channel, but the experience will be tailored for interaction via phone.

Sample Online Ballot

Sample Paper Ballot

Sample Phone Ballot