Security – Secure at Every Step

Votem takes security seriously.

We are fully committed to go the extra mile to surpass the standard of security requested by our customers, set by industry and mandated by law – Votem sets a high bar and we hold ourselves to it.

At every stage of development, from idea conception, to design, to prototyping, to delivery and implementation, to maintenance, security is a fundamental requisite. Despite the measures Votem has taken to maximize security, we recognize the possibility of vulnerabilities and have established policies and procedures that prepare our organization to both prevent and proactively detect signs of intrusion and malicious activity.

With encryption that exceeds most governments and financial institutions, our mobile voting platform stores recorded ballots on a ledger distributed across our network of trusted voting authority partners. The implementation of this distributed network has afforded us a level of data consistency and security many orders of magnitude superior to ordinary data storage and retrieval solutions and beyond the standards put in place by many governments and financial institutions.


Votem is constantly vigilant and developing new security procedures and protocols to mitigate the threats from an ever changing network environment.

If you have any questions regarding our security, we value your input and encourage you to reach out at: