Votem offers a wide range of full-service election management solutions.


  • Meets UOCAVA needs
  • Accurate voter authentication
  • Mobile ballot marking
  • Secure vote submission

FastPass Voting®

  • No more lines at the polls
  • Contactless voting
  • Paper ballots on demand
  • High voter throughput


  • Online voter registration
  • Secure online voting
  • Simple phone voting
  • Integrated hybrid voting
Designed to support military and overseas voters, MobileMark allows voters on the go and with limited access to a polling place, to mark their ballot online and submit it online, through the mail or even via fax.
FastPass Voting® offers voters the ability to mark their ballot on a mobile device anytime and anywhere, then print a paper ballot at the Polling Place on-location. The process is similar to Mobile Passport or pre-ordering at a restaurant where your pre-order is on the shelf waiting for you!
End to end voter-verifiable online voting. From voter registration through authentication, ballot marking, submission, tally and custom reporting, CastIron supports the simplest to the most complex elections.

CastIron® Platform

All our solutions are built on our CastIron Platform which is a revolutionary online voting platform designed to securely cast votes in elections across the globe. Built on blockchain, this online voting platform provides organizations and governments with a full-featured election management platform for secure, transparent, and fully verifiable elections.


Security is arguably the greatest risk for any election system. It represents the integrity of the vote, the confidentiality of the voters’ choices, and the sanctity of the most fundamentally democratic basis for decision making. Votem’s Platform guarantees that Cast Vote Records are completely immune to alteration.


“Inability to make it to the polls” has been the primary reason voters don’t vote. In addition, we support the entire voting public including seniors whose needs include accessibility and readability of materials; people with disabilities who have a reasonable expectation of fair and respectful service that enables a private, independent, and secure voting experience; busy professionals who seek options for voting that match their mobile lifestyles and everyone eligible to cast a ballot.


Voters can ensure that their vote was irrefutably cast as intended, subsequently counted as cast, that no ballots were lost or modified, and that votes were properly counted, all without sacrificing voter anonymity.


By bringing the tally of elections online, the standard for transparency is raised. A global community, from cryptography experts to certification bodies to the general public, will externally vet, scrutinize, strengthen, and ultimately leverage our protocol and documentation. Transparency extends beyond the elections process itself as a core tenet of Votem’s work; this is truly a commitment to open and auditable software, platforms, and processes, not just transparency as verifiable elections.