Political Parties and Caucuses

Secure online elections for your Party’s caucus or primary.

Drive up participation and fundraising for your political party

Whether you’re running a caucus, convention, or delegate voting for political parties, in person or remotely (virtually), Votem is here to serve you. With Votem, you can improve participation and increase fundraising opportunities with secure, accessible online voting.

We can help your Party register and authenticate your delegates to ensure that your party stays neutral and hands-off during the election and that only eligible party members can vote your secret ballot. Whether it’s onsite using tablets at your Convention, online or a combination of both, we’ll ensure that the votes are counted properly for your candidates. We want you to focus on driving political engagement and our full-service Election as a Service will handle all of the details of your election. The convenience of online voting is an effective way to allow busy members to engage in party decisions, increasing participation and raise much-needed funds for your party. But with hacking as a significant concern and heavy scrutiny of election protocols, it’s imperative to choose a partner with the most resilient cybersecurity posture, and decades of election administration expertise. 

As a founding member of the Elections Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (EISCC), and chair of their cybersecurity working group, Votem advises the elections industry on cybersecurity best practices. Our work with DHS and the FBI means we have insider knowledge to guard your elections against the latest threats to the election ecosystem.  After some well-publicized missteps in introducing online voting to political party elections, there is an obvious need for a partner who knows how to map out the voting experience to the most minute detail. This is of particular importance when introducing new technology or process for the first time. You need a partner who has the experience to advise and guide on best (or not-so-best) practices. Votem’s uncontested track record spans 20 years of client wins in online voting.

No other elections provider has the unique combination of capturing 13 million verified votes with two decades of experience in elections. Our CastIron blockchain-based online voting solution offers voters confidence that a ballot was cast as the voter intended through transparency, ease of use, and audibility. 

Advantages and features of the system include:

  • Vote remotely or in-person on any smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Voting interface designed to be intuitive and accessible for voters of all demographics
  • Ballots and interface are customizable with your party’s graphics and logos
  • Provide email and/or SMS notifications for important reminders both before and after election
  • Verify membership status, and if a voter is not a current member, direct to payment portal to pay dues before voting
  • Present voters with surveys or other options for further engagement
  • Integrate with a live streaming partner to create an interactive “Virtual Caucus” community environment
The New Mexico State Republican Party was very pleased with the performance of Votem software. We will be using their services again in May for our State Party’s Quadrennial Election.
Jacob Cardenas
New Mexico State Republican Party

At Votem, our mission is literally to make heroes of our customers, so let’s talk about how our online voting platform will energize your party! Call or email us today.