Union Elections

Fully-managed elections designed specifically to ensure LMRDA compliance.

LMRDA-compliant online voting

COVID-19 and a labor-friendly administration have created an environment where online voting may play a more significant role in Union elections in the future. In the future or today, Votem is ready! Votem understands how important it is to comply with the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) to ensure that you run secure, transparent elections with a secret ballot to protect voter anonymity.

Our fully-managed elections take the tactical work of running the election so that you can focus on driving up member engagement and participation. Our CastIron platform gives all stakeholders, voters, administrators, and election observers the ability to verify the integrity of the election. With our secure mobile and online voting, we give you the ability to increase turnout through more accessible voting.

Our Elections Administrators have been running elections for decades, so you can be confident that your election will pass muster with the Department of Labor (DOL). Our processes and CastIron platform ensure vote accuracy and comply with Title IV of the LMRDA.

Our hybrid voting – online, phone and paper – allows for a consistent and channel-specific voting experience that is easy to use, secure and transparent. Voting can be deployed on-site or remotely. Because we also run federal elections, our platform has been reviewed extensively by the Department of Homeland Security, several states, and private security companies and has received the highest marks for security.

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