Secure mobile and online voting for use in all types of elections.

Secure and cost-effective online voting

For over 20 years, Votem’s unique combination of world-class expertise in technology and election administration has delivered thousands of successful elections for both public and private sectors customers. With the CastIron® election management platform, greater accuracy, accessibility, reliability, security, and auditability can be delivered for each phase of election administration.

  • Simplified and accessible voting process across multiple channels (web, mobile, phone, paper)
  • Fully managed elections and a dedicated project manager—from start to finish
  • Highest levels of security available to mitigate threats of hacking and intrusion
  • Transparency and verifiability with detailed audit logs while maintaining voter anonymity 
  • Accessible to everyone including those with special needs

State of the art technology

CastIron allows for continual updates as security, usability, and accessibility standards improve on a fully managed infrastructure. Meeting both present and future system needs, this delivery model uniquely offers state-of-the-art services for administrators and voters.

Multiple devices displaying the same online ballot with a lock icon
Some of the types of voting ballots that Votem provides (mobile, paper, and mail-in)

Comprehensive and adaptable platform

FastCast scales seamlessly to serve voters remotely or in-person via internet, telephone, poll station, and/or mail ballot. Each enhanced feature is intended to streamline the voting process for your administrators and voters.


  • NIST-Standard Encryption
  • Physically-secured Infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform)
  • TLS prevents and detects eavesdropping, tampering, and communications forgery.
  • Open Code Advantage™ allows expert inspection and auditing of source code.
Online voting screen on laptop over screenshot of Votem's GitHub with a security shield icon
Ballot pulled up on a white phone over an online ballot screenshot

Enhanced voter experience

Accommodating a broad voter base and diverse levels of backgrounds and computer literacy, CastIron is architected with usability in mind to ensure each voter, regardless of ability, can vote easily, privately, independently, and securely.

Ease of use

  • Intuitive navigation, simple user interface, and built-in help options
  • Full multi-language support including those with non-Latin-based characters
  • Adaptive technology compatibility, such as screen readers, buttons, and switches, to ensure universal accessibility
Online voting screen in Spanish on laptop with accessible features
Orange trophy and laurel wreath icon

Voter engagement best practices

Votem’s unique combination of technology and election expertise, change management processes, voter engagement strategies, and the look and feel of the solution itself, all result in increased voter enfranchisement, knowledge, and trust.

Customized for your election

  • Fully configurable voting rules and counting algorithms
  • Branded user interface
  • Integrates with external voter registration and election management systems
  • Ability to add additional election modules and support third party functionality
Organization election pulled up on a phone and laptop in front of an accessible customizable screen adjuster
GovTech 100 company 2019 logo

High-integrity, high-security voting systems

At Votem, providing high integrity, high-security voting systems is not just a slogan, it’s in our DNA, with a flawless track record to prove it. Votem’s physically secure infrastructure, proven election administration processes, and our industry-leading monitoring and auditing provide evidence that CastIron is of the highest integrity.


  • Industry-leading 99.99% uptime 
  • Redundant hardware, power, connectivity, and backup 
  • Geographically separated data centers to protect against a service incident or natural disaster
  • DDoS mitigation, 24/7 monitoring, and response
Circuit illustration representing Votem's reliable voting hardware

If you have any questions or comments regarding blockchain voting, online voting, internet voting, our Proof of Vote® protocol, or other election technology, we value your input and encourage you to reach out at: