Election Hiccups

What do squirrels, coffee, glue, humidity, and pen thieves all have in common?

These were just 6 crazy things that created issues with this years’ election process.

Before we go into some of these crazy things that happened this past election, we wanted to extend our sincere thanks to all of the dedicated women and men that worked tirelessly to help over 100 million Americans vote this year!


The truth really is stranger than fiction!

Critics are quick to point out all the issues that took place during this past election from aging election technology to long lines.  However, most people don’t appreciate the fact that it’s virtually impossible to do ANYTHING that involves 100 million people over the course of a few days and weeks without experiencing a few hiccups!

Here are some of our favorite “oops”:

  • In what can only be described as Squirrel-Gatea legendary squirrel was blamed for the power outage of an Ohio polling station and county servers causing voters to vote with absentee paper ballots.
  • In Oklahoma, voters were literally stealing pens from the polling location causing longer waits as pens had to be replaced.
  • In New Hampshire, ballots used in 50 precincts were physically too big to fit into the old automated counting machines due to humidity and cuts made against the grain of the paper that made up the ballots! This follows suit of Austria’s most recent election where “glue-gate” was coined and promoted by election reporters – ballots there fell apart thanks to ironically not-sticky glue…
  • In Kentucky, voters couldn’t access a polling location because a nearby car crash downed major utility poles filling the street with electrical wires and taking out the power in the vicinity.
  • In Florida, polling places had to be relocated altogether because the elevators inside the building stopped working rendering the whole building inaccessible.
  • And in Arkansas, someone spilled coffee on an optical scan voting machine breaking it down.

Voting for a Mobile World 😉

When squirrels can affect a voter’s experience, we need to take a step back and seriously think about the elections process. We think it’s time to bring voting into the 21st century.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Votem Team

…let’s go eat!

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