Fully-managed elections

Sit back...relax...we've got this

With our “Elections as a Service”, Votem offers fully managed elections across various voting channels including online voting, phone voting, and hybrid voting. We know you have other jobs to do so we become your virtual back-office team where we oversee and manage every aspect of your election including setting up the election, customizing it for your unique needs, project management, testing, and even first-level help desk for your voters if desired. 

Our end-to-end platform takes your organization from registration through to results and review. It provides election bodies the ability to offer voter information, registration, authentication and verification, online voting, absentee / remote voting, real-time vote counting, and the ability to audit the entire electronic chain of custody. With a significantly lower cost per vote than traditional paper-based elections, Votem’s versatile platform and experienced elections team increases voter turnout and boosts engagement by offering the ultimate voting convenience.