What Your Smart Phone and the Fourth of July Have in Common

Throughout history, Americans have fought for voter equality and the right to be heard. That’s what America’s Fourth of July is all about – freedom, independence and the right to govern ourselves.

But this “right” has not come easily, nor is it truly fair and equal….yet.

Since the beginning of democracy in America, people’s rights have slowly progressed. And even in 2015, it seems that some of our basic rights seem to evolve at glacial speed despite the speed at which everything else seems to move – technology, information, commerce and communication.

But solutions do exist to protect, enhance and extend these basic rights.

For instance, smartphones give us freedom, convenience and accessibility. There are over 3 billion smart phones on the planet which have enabled people around the world from every demographic to do things that we couldn’t even imagine just 10 years ago. And with the price of smart phones dropping dramatically, virtually any person has the freedom to explore, express and engage with the world like never before.

With one exception – and that exception is the most important one in creating a true democracy – voting!

Evidently, voting is more of a privilege than a right; a privilege that Americans fought hard for but for which has not been realized equally by everyone. Voter suppression, national ID cards, lost ballots, long poll lines, etc. are all issues we face virtually every election. We can do better than this!

Technology has been called the great equalizer; it doesn’t matter what you look like, what socioeconomic strata you come from, your race, religion, etc. Technology has the ability to create revolutions and to give power back to the people regardless of who you are; just like we’ve seen in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world.

Protecting and enhancing the freedom to vote for EVERYONE is why we have committed ourselves to building the world’s first mobile voting platform™.

My company, Votem, is creating the world’s most convenient, safe and secure voting platform on the planet from the ground up.

We know that it won’t be easy. Once we solve the security concerns first (and we will), then we’ll have our work cut out for us to convince elections bodies and individual voters around the world to place their trust in our platform.

But creating a democracy isn’t easy either.

That’s why on July 4th, we are launching an open global innovation challenge worth $230,000 to invite the world’s best and brightest to join in helping to create what we hope will become the world’s most trusted mobile voting platform. Our mobile platform will help to ensure democracy and put power back into the hands of the people, literally.

Check out our $230,000 open innovation challenge here – http://bit.ly/1RS5zIY.

Happy independence to citizen voters in all free nations!

Pete Martin
Founder / CEO

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