Secure Online Blockchain Voting

100% Accuracy, Real-time Results

The world’s most secure online voting platform

Votem’s CastIronTM Mobile Voting Blockchain Platform improves the efficacy of voting by ensuring the integrity of the voting process, confidentiality of the voters’ choices, and validity of the results. It was designed to meet even the strictest global election standards.

Too many voters today feel increasingly dissatisfied with the democratic process; voter confidence in the integrity of our elections is waning and sits at all time lows. A process that is independently and easily verifiable, by elections management bodies and individually by each voter, is the only true solution to push democratic decision-making towards greater dependability, accessibility, accuracy, and accountability.

Bulletproof encryption and security

Votem is revolutionizing the way we vote by enabling citizens to vote instantly via their mobile device or secure browser.

As the world’s most secure end-to-end online voting platform, it’s the unique combination of innovative technology, a powerful “trusted network”, and advanced encryption and security features which propel Votem light years ahead of other voting methods.

The “Trust” Platform

Votem’s core CastIron Mobile Voting Platform is built on blockchain technology.

This innovative technology enables us to offer a highly-secure platform to independent validators such as state auditors, election observers, election auditors, etc.

Each trusted party has their own independent “node” on the platform. As votes are cast, each validator accurately verifies the vote in real-time. Every vote that is proven to be accurate is permanently written onto the Votem platform, which becomes immutable and immune to compromise.

Votem’s Blockchain Mobile Voting Platform gives elections officials the transparency, verifiability and ultimately the trust that’s been lacking with most current voting systems and is the only system in the world offering this level security.

Complete Confidence from End-to-End Verifiability

We offer voters an electronic receipt that can be used to compare to a paper printed ballot in the central elections office and/or compare against a public site to ensure that the vote they cast was counted as they intended.

We offer elections officials the option to print out paper ballots in their central elections offices and permanent electronic copies of every vote in your election burned onto an electronic media to be used in the event of a recount.

Built on top of our exclusive “Proof of Vote®” end-to-end verifiable voting protocol, we offer our customers the ability to verify the complete chain of custody while retaining voter anonymity, auditing any aspect of the election in real time.

Seamless and secure user experience

While our team works diligently behind the scenes to make Votem the world’s most secure online blockchain voting system, voters and election organizers enjoy a seamless and stress-free election experience.

Voters can cast their votes instantly via a user-friendly iOS or Android app, or secure web browser. High-level encryption and 3-level authentication (including personal identifying information, a one-time PIN code and biometric verification) offer complete security, privacy and anonymity for voters.

Meanwhile, accurate real-time automation significantly cuts the cost and workload of election organizers, and top security and anti-hacking technology eliminates the risk of fraud and controversy.

Vote for the future with Votem.

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Did you know: Votem’s secure online voting system works just as flawlessly for government elections as it does for private elections?

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