Military & Overseas Voting

Inefficiency, fraud and security risks:
The current military / overseas voting process isn’t working

Millions of citizens are living, traveling, studying, working and serving overseas. Their votes can be crucial in deciding an election outcome in their home country.

However, the current military / overseas voting system makes it frustratingly difficult for citizens overseas to have their say.

Archaic mail-in postal ballots pose security and authentication issues, while the time and manpower to create thousands of paper ballots, mail them overseas, have them filled out, mailed back and sent to the right precinct for counting is a wildly inefficient use of resources.

In addition, postal services around the world are reducing the frequency of mail deliveries, as communication is now mostly electronic. So getting votes back in time to be counted becomes even harder for remote voters and military personnel in inaccessible areas such as combat zones or aboard ships.

Finally, a smart solution for military & overseas voting

Featuring world-class encryption, multi factor authentication and real-time results, Votem is the most secure and reliable military and overseas voting solution on the market –

going above and beyond UOCAVA and MOVE Act standards.

Votem ensures 100% precision and transparency giving both election organizers and voters full confidence that each vote has been cast by an eligible citizen and counted accurately.

Electronic voting eliminates the risk of:

  • lost or damaged mail, mail delays and disruptions such as postal service strikesmilitaryblue
  • ballot cards sent to the wrong address or discarded because they were filled out incorrectly or ambiguously
  • hanging chads
  • fraudulent votes
  • privacy risks.

It’s an electronic voting system that just makes sense. And it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the norm.

Give your voters and our citizens serving overseas a voice – wherever they are in the world

Whether you’re running a government election or public poll, we’d be happy to show you how Votem can make it a smooth success.

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