Electronic Ballot Marking


Our Electronic Ballot Marking platform is a flexible and robust tool that simplifies the coordination and execution of elections for all parties involved:

voters and administrators alike.

Our Electronic Ballot Marking platform is voting for a mobile world™.

From precincts, to counties, to states, our system will allow eligible voters to

  • Apply for electronic ballot access online via mobile devices and secure web browsers
  • Be verified, authenticated and approved by the county election administrators
  • Receive electronic access to their ballots
  • Print the ballot to mark manually or to mark the ballot on-screen
  • Print and sign their ballots
  • Return their ballots via mail

The administrative experience is clean and simple

  • Administrators will receive the ballots and accept them into the ballot stream, reject them, or pend the ballots
  • The system will inform the electors and the administrators with emails of the status of their applications and ballots
  • The system will create multiple reports of usage, access, and statistics

The system will run uninterrupted and securely during critical election periods so administrators can focus their attention on more important issues.