CastIron™ – Mobile Voting Platform


Our CastIron™ blockchain mobile voting platform is verifiable from end-to-end, and built from the ground up to serve the needs of our dedicated elections teams.

CastIron was constructed with security at the forefront of every stage of design and implementation and will ultimately alleviate the pain points apparent in our antiquated voting infrastructure and improve our democratic process.

From voter empowerment, to ballot creation and formatting, to online and mobile voter registration, to casting your vote, to tabulation, to reporting and analytics and back full circle, CastIron is an encompassing and comprehensive solution.

Satisfy all stakeholders

Tying in the desires of voters with needs of government authorities, we have successfully integrated end-to-end verifiability, auditing chain-of-custody, secure identification & authentication and electronic recount capabilities with the convenience of depositing a check online. We’ve built a platform that voters are demanding of their election boards with economics that election boards can’t ignore. We’ve built a platform that excites advocates of disability rights as much as our overseas soldiers and renowned cryptographers alike.

Rethinking the norm

At Votem, we think about how no one is asking why the current technology is so flawed that makes a recount necessary in the first place; why the use of physical paper is required; why we’ve spent thousands of hours and government resources on determining voter intent when we can, with certainty, guarantee it from the moment a voter casts their vote with CastIron.

Changing the norm

CastIron is a revolutionary technology not built with marginal improvement in mind – we have an unrelenting focus exponentially improving our voting process but understand that a complete upheaval of the current infrastructure is not possible. While mobile adoption worldwide is growing at remarkable pace, not everyone will have access to our technology which is why we’re working within the frameworks in place to push the coexistence of traditional poll voting and mobile voting.

Learning from those before us

We’ve had the distinct advantage of starting from scratch and witnessing the trials, tribulations, and failures of organizations before us. We don’t have to fix security vulnerabilities created from legacy software and years of hap-hazard software patches – We have leveraged the experience of those before us and built CastIron with cutting-edge technology and un-matched security built-in from the ground-up with both proactive and preventative measures architected in.


With encryption that exceeds most governments and financial institutions, CastIron stores recorded ballots on a blockchain ledger distributed across our network of trusted voting authority partners. The implementation of this distributed network has afforded us a level of data consistency and security many orders of magnitude superior to ordinary data storage and retrieval solutions.