Absentee / Remote Voting

Until now, absentee / remote voting meant election officials sent, in some cases, hundreds of thousands–even millions–of voting cards to past / potential absentee voters at great financial expense. For voters that are traveling, voting means having to disrupt a trip. For voters in the middle of a move, voting means having to remember to keep track of where mail is going. And with so much junk mail, many voters simply throw their ballots away, mistaking them for junk.

With such powerful technology at our fingertips, the solution for citizens to securely cast their votes electronically, regardless of where they were in the world, was sitting literally in the palm of our hands.

10 or 10,000 Miles

Now you can request an absentee ballot, and in some jurisdictions actually complete it, right from your own mobile phone or secure web browser.

Compatible with iOS and Android, Votem’s easy-to-use absentee balloting system is the easiest and safest way to cast your absentee or remote ballot.

Worldwide, Votem’s online voting app will allow eligible voters to

  • Apply for electronic ballot access online via mobile devices and secure web browsers
  • Be verified, authenticated and approved by the county election administrators
  • Receive electronic access to their online ballot
  • Print the ballot to mark manually or to electronically mark the ballot on-screen
  • Print and sign their ballots
  • Electronically return their marked ballot or physically return their ballot via mail

The administrative experience is clean and simple

  • Administrators receive the ballots and accept them into the ballot stream, reject them, or pend the ballots
  • The election management application will inform the electors and the administrators with emails of the status of their applications and ballots
  • The election management application creates multiple reports of usage, access, logs, and statistics

The system will run uninterrupted and securely during critical election periods so administrators can focus their attention on more important issues.

As an absentee voter, Votem will guarantee:

  • A simple, intuitive absentee balloting system that lets you vote instantly from your own device from anywhere in the world
  • Multifactor authentication to guard your identity
  • The highest levels of encryption to protect your privacy and anonymity
  • The ability to review your submission and track your ballot
  • Complete confidence in the election results with 100% accuracy and transparency throughout the entire voting process

It’s your right to vote. Be heard.

By increasing voting accessibility for remote voters, UOCAVA voters, and voters with accessibility considerations, Votem is ensuring every vote counts.

How can secure online voting improve my next election?

We’d be happy to show you what Votem can do for your next election.

Call (216) 930-4300 or email info@votem.com to arrange a free demo.