ABVote – An election management system you can rely on and trust.

ABVote Makes Election Management Easy

ABVote is an encompassing and customizable election management system that provides election administrators and their teams the tools they need to flawlessly organize and execute elections.

Standards are high, expectations are higher, and scrutiny is highest when it comes to elections – ABVote will earn your praise and keep you out of the line of fire.

Feature Rich and Functional

  • Domestic and overseas voters can access information, paperwork and applications through your elections department sponsored application or website, along with the instructions to properly and securely complete them.
  • ABVote is completely customizable to fit the needs of any elections board. Our extensive experience in the development of elections software enables you to develop the exact system that will fulfill both your unique needs and legal obligations.

ABVote Features

  • Complete voter information platform (VIP) including ballot measures, voter ID requirements, polling location and turn-by-turn directions, election calendar and reminders, step-by-step voter registration instructions and forms, step-by-step FPCA (Federal Post Card Application) instructions and forms and much more.
  • Fully electronic transmission of forms with e-signature
  • Safe transmission of all data in compliance (and exceeding) federal security requirements.
  • Fully electronic voter registration, absentee ballot request and federal write in absentee ballots (FWAB).
  • Direct transmission of Absentee/UOCAVA ballots – electronic ballot marking through mobile devices and secure web browsers.
  • Automated multiple database comparison for fraud reduction
  • Intelligent and automatic generation of reports and analytics
  • Customized programming to fit your jurisdiction’s needs
  • Elimination of the cost of transmission errors, data entry by hand, printing of excessive paper forms, returned mail and processing costs, and the payroll of temporary employees hired in the influx of forms prior to elections.

Voting for a Mobile World ™